Best WordPress Plugins In 2015

WordPress plugins are the backbone of blogs. With the help of wordpress plugins, you can add functions of your choice. Plugins are very useful in your daily works. Just as there is SEO plugin, by which you can easily perform the setting of SEO. With the help of wordpress plugin, you can solve the problems of statistics and wordpress security.

I will tell you about some top wordpress plugins.

1) All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack is used for SEO of wordpress. This do the automatic SEO of custom post. With its help, there is no need of doing the SEO of every post. It generates the metatags automatically. It is also compatible with other plugins. It avoids the duplicate content of your website.

2) Blog Stats

Blog stats is one the best plugin, by which you can track the visitors of a blog. With the help of this plugin, you come to know about top pages. You also come to know about daily visitor side by side search location, that from which search engine, the traffic of your blog is coming. This plugin is available free of cost.

3) Contact Form

With the help of contact form, you can get the feedback of a user. You can get the viewpoint of a user regarding any post. With it you come to know how many users like your blog. Contact form plugin is available in many languages. In this plugin, a user has the facility of writing the name and e-mail.

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