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Plagiarism Checker Online: List of 5 Tools to Check Your Content is Unique

list of Plagiarism Checker Online tools

Blogging is a passion of many people; everyone wants to rank his post on top position. For that’s purpose, the think that more important is the post you wrote should be unique. There are many plagiarism checker online tools are available for this job. Yes, off course there are so many factors that involved for getting top ranking. The most ...

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How to Start a Blog – SEO & Start Making Over 1000$ – Ultimate Guide

blogging guide

To make some decent income online is dream of many of us like me, but they failed because lake of knowledge, they are very confused how they can do that and reach his destination. There are various good tutorials and articles available where experts describe very well, about how you can start a blog, how to do SEO (Search Engine ...

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Fully Active – Do follow Updated Social Bookmarking Sites List

Updated Social Bookmarking Sites List

Social Bookmarking play an important role for getting top ranking in search engine especially in Google. Apart it also helps to get more visitors and leads. There are so many lists of bookmarking sites are available on different sites, but most of sites in the list are not active or working, so I decided to share  fully active sites list ...

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How i can remove application from Apps list on Android Developer Console ?

remove application from Apps list on Android Developer Console

Today i am going to show you, how you can removed/unpublished android application from Android Developer Console?, Once your App is live on Google Play store than, it is not possible to completely delete app from Android Developer Console. However, you still have an option to unpublished your App. To Unpublished your App follow these steps. 1. Go to ...

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How I get query string values in JavaScript?

javascript solutions

Today i am going to show you, how you can get string values by using JavaScript ?. Yes you can do it by using pure JavaScript, you do not need any JavaScript Plugin or library for this task. JavaScript have some build-in method for getting query string values. Here is the code of JavaScript by following this you can easily ...

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How to “Checked” a checkbox by using jQuery?

javascript solutions

The problem is many beginner programmer have a question and i saw same question on various forum that how to checked a checkbox by using jQuery ? either single checkbox or multiple, so here i am going to solved the problem. If you are using jQuery version 1.6 and onward then .prop() method is the best option for you, more ...

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Commented wrong file to Git – How undo last comment in Git?

How undo last comment in Git

What is Git? Git is a version control system in which you have series of snapshots of your code in order, in which you are created. You create branches of experiment and back to your snapshots. Git not only saving the branches locally, but also you can publish some branches on GitHub. Going to show you, if you upload wrong ...

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