Algorithm Update on the Go 21st April 2015!

Google has always been busy in giving some or the other shocks to the website owners which may make them stand in the middle of confusion oriented road. Well, this time as well Google did the same and made some new updates regarding the Algorithm update related to the mobile friendliness of a website to be taking place on 21st April.

Well, to some extent this news being floated by Google is a good news that people will have time to fix their websites according and for the bad side it may offer some distress to the website rankings which are not under the conduct demanded by this update. However, for the business who wishes to take a few steps before the day comes may find this guide as a beneficial choice and offer a great deal of ease to keep the rankings steady.


Purpose of the Update

When you consider the new update by Google you might be in a state of vague understanding that what does it mean to adopt the algorithm update associated with the mobile friendliness, well here Google has set new parameters to rank the websites and for this purpose now the rankings of the website will be derived from the fact that how friendly a website turns out to be when used over mobile.

Purpose of the Update

Well, for the website owners who have already established the mobile friendly websites from the scratch have nothing to worry about but the ones who have no idea if their website is really under the threat or free must start making some analysis. Well, being a small business owner of the website and SEO tactics you must be wondering about the impacts of the update you might end up facing and this guide will help you enjoy a sustainable position in the event of this update.

Analyze the Mobile Friendliness on Your Own

A clear analysis of the fact that how mobile friendly the website is may be enjoyed by using the different tools available, the Webmaster tool offers the Mobile usability report, the use of the mobile friendliness tool gives you an insight to the website and its response and also the fixes required. If you take a look at these things and find something that needs to be managed you must immediately start working upon it. Google has informed you beforehand and this gives you an opportunity to maintain the level of your website which is highly possible.

Analyze the Mobile Friendliness on Your Own

Taking the Update as an Opportunity

You must first analyze the level of friendliness your app offers to the mobile users and with this a clear knowledge of the traffic which is coming from the mobile must also be evaluated. If your app is not at all mobile friendly you may take this update as an opportunity and should start fixing it immediately. By way of taking this update seriously you may improve your position in the eyes of Google and may generate better rankings to increase your business.

Focus on the Organic Traffic

It is very essential to analyze that the traffic that is coming to your website by way of using mobile is an organic one, with this you must also know if the traffic is branded or not and how far does the people move through your website. If the people just pay visit to the homepage and leave away being hardly five to ten percent in the organic traffic terms, then you are at a mistake of making the updates and may delay the job.

However, if you find that the mobile traffic coming to your website is a huge chunk and moves through different pages of the site rather than the homepage, then this update is your chance to earn a lot. So, start making updates right away and plan a huge chunk of revenue.

Focus on the Organic Traffic

Fixtures for the Site

Now when you are done with the analysis of the mobile traffic and it being organic you need to see if you need to take the update as a call to action or wait. If you think that there is a lot of organic traffic coming over you must get in touch with your developer and make the updates genuine ones by analyzing the fixes and implementing them before the deadline and once you are done with the fixes make sure you pass the Google mobile friendliness test.

However, if you are in the state of confusion you may either ignore the update deadline or work on your own, or you may take it is a challenge for a better future. If you try to take it seriously and work with relevant techniques, your small website may turn to a huge one with being on the top most rankings. It is blessing that this time the update has been disclosed beforehand so taking it as an opportunity is a better idea.

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