Advantages of Track Visitors of your Blog

It is very necessary to track the visitors of a blog. Tracker tells you the number of new people who have visited your website and how many people have visited your site once again. It also informs you the amount of time a user has spent on your site.

Benefits of tracking a visitor

It informs you that from which country large number of users are visiting. It helps you to keep the contents of that country from where a large number of users are visiting your site.

1. It also informs you about the platform or the window from where the website is being opened. And you can also get the information of browser.

2. You come to know about the keywords, that on which keyword your site is being opened more and from which keyword larger traffic is coming.

3. Whenever you want to sell your website, you can show to the customer the previous traffic report.

4. Tracker informs you about the percent of visitors who are increasing.

5. With the help of tracker, you are informed which page is being opened more and which site is liked by the user.

These are some common points of track visitors.

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