7 Steps of Increasing The Traffic Through Twitter

  1. Twitter is very popular social media site. By this site, you can increase the traffic of your website. It is totally free service.
  2. First of create an account by signing up. Choose that name for twitter, which is the name of your website.
  3. Do 1 tweet daily
  4. Follw those people, who have large number of followers. Many people can see the link of your site, by this step.
  5. Follow 50-100 peolple every week. If you follow 100 people in a day, then according to the policy of twitter, your account will be banned.
  6. Design your twitter account according to the design of your website.
  7. Use Hash tag. Hash tag is very much important for increasing the traffic. If you are twitting a blog, then you should add hash before it.

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