7 Misconceptions People Have about SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is great in making a website more visible on search engine. It is also invaluable in helping a website get loads of traffic from target customers. Most of the businesses today recognize the importance of search engine optimization. However, there are many misconceptions regarding SEO that people believe are true though they are not. SEO has come a long way since its introduction a few years ago. What once worked today no longer applies to SEO. This article makes you realize the follies people commit when taking help of SEO for their websites.

  1. SEO is all about Website Ranking.

Many people think that SEO is mainly for obtaining top rankings in various search engines. Of course rankings matter, but SEO has far more useful than simply getting you a top rank. What is the use of a good ranking when you are not getting loads of traffic and high rate of conversions on your website? Focusing only upon ranking will not give your desirable results.

  1. Focusing on top keyword.

There was a time when people searched for those elusive top keywords that would bring loads of traffic to their websites. Today, experts have found that searches are conducted more with long tail keywords than short keywords. Furthermore, it is easier to optimize such long tail keywords than short and generic keywords.


  1. Google Adores Content.

Content is king they say, and they are not wrong. It is a fact that search engines are always hunting for good, meaningful content. But it does not mean that you should place loads of content that is just there to fill the space. Small content that is high quality is sufficient to spread the aroma to attract search engines.


  1. Higher Number of Links is Required.

As far as inbound links are concerned, it is their quality rather than their number which is more important. Low quality incoming links do not create a positive impact upon search engines. In fact, bad or broken links may even damage the reputation of your website and invite penalty from Google. Natural and manually made links are always better than asking for them or creating them with robots.


  1. SEO brings desired Results Quickly.

Never treat SEO as a magic wand that will bring all ills to an end overnight or in a few days time. It is a long term process that takes months for desirable results to show up. Companies make tall claims but it is only to lure customers. No amount of SEO can save your business in a matter of a few weeks.

  1. Cheap SEO is Equally Good.

Many website owners, in their desire to save money, hire the services of cheap SEO companies. They think that they will get the results through these companies. However, the fact is that SEO cannot be cheap and effective at the same time.

  1. Stuffed Keywords.

Several website owners have been taking their content as per their view to the next level by adding the keywords in the content without limits. Stuffing keywords in your content helps you in reaching to the highest level of SEO is something not going to hit the target. Everything which is limited looks idealistic as well and same goes for keywords too.

You can get the results you are looking forward to, if you follow the tips given in this article.

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