6 Ways To Improve Alexa Ranking

Alexa is a online system for checking the ranking of any website. You can check the ranking of any site with it. With alexa you come to know about the quality of any website. You more you will have the traffic of your website the more you will have good alexa ranking.

There are some tips for increasing the alexa ranking.

Increase traffic

If you want to make alexa ranking of your website better than increase the traffic of your website. Because the more you will have the traffic you more you will have the alexa ranking. Alexa always give rank to those sites which have good traffic.

Create quality backlinks

If you want to increase your alexa ranking then you have to think of your backlinks. Because alexa ranking gets better as a result of traffic. For good traffic you must have good backlinks. Try to make backlinks on high ranking sites. make backlinks always on do follow sites and always ignore no follow sites. the page rank of your website increases as a result of good backlink.

Write your own content

For getting good ranking of alexa you should create quality content. If you will have quality content in your site alexa will give you the ranking, so try to use your own content instead of using the copyright content.

Submit sites to web directories

In web directories the sites are given by category. Web directories help you in making inbound links. The link of these sites help you in increasing the page rank of your site.

Strong SEO

For increasing the alexa ranking you have to look after the SEO. Without SEO you cannot get good traffic. SEO makes your site better in searching. So never ignore SEO.

Install alexa tool bar

By installing alexa tool bar open your site again and again. By this way your alexa ranking will get better.

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