6 Tips of Getting Adsense Approval Fastly

Adsesne is the greatest online advertising company. It provide ads for your website. Adsesne is a product of google. If the traffic of your website is better, you can earn a lot by adsesne monthly. Because of this reason, it is the desire of every website owner to get the ads of adsesne. Adsense is the only company which pays you in time and user doesn’t face any difficulty. The terms and conditions of adsesne are very easy.

Domain age

For adsesne approval domain age matters a lot. If you are applying from asian countries, your domain should be 6 months old. google has laid down this condition because when your domain will be 6 month older, it will have much data. On the other hand, a new website doesn’t have enough data. If your website has quality content, you can also get adsesne within 2-3 months. Old doamains has good ranking in the search engine.

User friendly website

For getting adsesne earlier, your website should be user friendly. All pages of your website should be visible. The links of all pages should be proper. No link should be broken. The interface of website should be such that a user can easily find anything. Use search bar in your website.

Fast website

Your website shouldn’t be slow. If your website takes time in opening, then you will get the approval of adsesne very difficulty. Don’t use too much sliders on website. If you use images on your website, you should first of all compress these images.

Top level domain name

Always use top level domain eg .com, .net. avoid free servers such as blogger, wordpress. Because getting adsesne on free servers is a little bit difficult.

Illegal content

Never keep any illegal content on your website. Never copy any content on the other website. If you like something from anyother site, you can only get the idea from it. Your adsesne application will be rejected, if you have illegal content on your website.

Quality content

Try to write good and unique content. Google always give preference to those websites, which have unique contents. Because of it not only your application will get improved, but also you will get a good rank from google search engine. A user visits on the website again and again which have quality content.

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