6 Blogging Mistakes You Should Avoid

When people create new blogs they are not familiar of many things.They commit many mistakes in blogging. It is the desire of every blogger to increase the traffic of the blog. In the lust of increasing the traffic he uses many illegal tricks also. He has not any long time benefit of it. If you want to create a successful blog then you have to overcome the mistakes of blogging. Today I will tell you some mistakes from which you have to be aware of.

 Blogging Mistakes You Should Avoid

Not answering the comments

In blog there is a two way relation. But many people ignore this thing. If a reader has commented or has asked something then you should answer it. Check the comment session of blogger daily. If you have not added comment tool then you should add it today. There are many online comment tools available online of such kind.

Not using alt tags

Always use alt tags with the images. It will have a very good benefit on your SEO. And the value of your blog will increase in the image search engine. Alt tags are used with the images. Alt tag is used basically for the description of image. Not displaying the alt tag is the greatest mistake of SEO.

Don’t copy someone’s comment

Many people copy the comment of others and paste on their blog. They don’t get any sort of benefit from it. Google doesn’t give rank to such blog which have copyright data. If you have copyright data in your blog then you cannot display ad of any company. So try to avoid the copyright content. If you have just one post on your blog and it has original content then search engine will give you value to your site.

SEO mistakes

Try to ignore the SEO mistakes. Do the SEO after understanding on-page and off-page SEO. In the lust of making many backlinks never use any sort of illegal tool. Make backlinks on those sites that are relevant to your sites.

Ignore audience interest

The greatest mistake of blogger is that you are not familiar with the interest of audience. If you know that what the audience is searching on your site then you should make a post related to it. Choose the topic that is liked by the users.

Keeping too many topics

One of the mistake of blogger is that you choose many topics. Choose that topic that is related to your topic and on which you can write much.

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