6 Best Off-Page SEO Techniques

There are many people who run websites but they don’t have any idea of SEO. With the help of SEO you can make the ranking of your website better. There are two main categories of SEO.

On-page SEO
Off-page SEO

Best Off-Page SEO Techniques

Today I will tell you some points about the off-page SEO.

Photo sharing

If your are uploading a photo on your website, then there are many photo sharing sites where you can share the photos. You can also share the link of your site also side by side sharing the photos.

Link baiting

This is a very good way of making backlinks. If your site a good post then other people will copy it and will give the link of your site. In this way your backlinks will be increased.

Search Engine Submission

If you have created a new site then never forget to search it in the search engine. The ranking of your site will not get better unless you submit it in the search engine.

Directories Submission

For the SEO of any site directories submission is very much essential. While submitting the sites in the directories take care of this thing the category on which you have your site you should select that category.

Do-follow Directories Submission sites list  2015

Social bookmarking

It is a very useful way of promoting the site. You submit your latest pages in the famous bookmarking sites. eg: reddit, delicioius and dig etc.

Do-follow Social bookmarking Sites list 2015

Question Answers

If you are interested in answering then there are many sites on which you can give the answers of questions. You can also give the link of your site under the related answer.

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