Top 5 Tools to Help You With Backlink Checking

In this world of blogging there have been numerous changes every now and then along with the passage of time and since the Google tends to updates its policies as well one needs to keep an eye on everything. In the previous days, the rankings of a website were based upon the number of backlinks your website has but gone are those days and now the quality of the links your website possess is something that matters in the eyes of Google.

In order to adhere the policies being set by Google you need to make sure that whether the backlinks attached to your website are quality oriented or not and in this case you must make the use of the different tools that offer you a chance to keep an eye on the backlinks. Every tool has its own capabilities and benefits which are enjoyed by numerous bloggers and in this case we have provided you with five of the best tools you might find helpful for your blog and might help you strengthening your position.


SEMRUSH has been a commonly used backlinks checker tool that has been taking a lead among several other tools due to the conciseness and clarity offered by this tool. The tool itself is not at all free of cost and you need to make payments to have an access to it, but for the sake of protecting your blogs in the best possible way making payments might not be an issue for you. Moreover, this tool has remarkable features that update every week with new improvements for your ease. While using this tool you may without a doubt have a complete analysis of the backlinks that are associated with your website. Moreover, it also keeps you equipped with the name of the countries that offer the highest number of backlinks. This tool also allows you to check the backlinks of your competitors website and one of its features also a helps you to make a comparison between your website and the competitors’ website in the context of backlinks.

This tool has made the life of a number of people an easier one as you get to have a complete snapshot of all the backlinks that have been linked to your website and based on this analysis you may manage your website accordingly. The tool also offers a complete report which comprises of an overview of the backlinks that is much needed. You may enjoy a trial version of this tool before making a purchase so that you may accordingly analyze if it is perfect for you or not.


This backlinks checker tool has been a favorite of all those people who either own a website or have been in the field of SEO as a career. This tool offers people a check that runs after every fifteen minutes and it helps analyzing all the backlinks that have been intact with website. Moreover, this tool helps in the context of keyword analysis in the terms of competition. This tool also provides a complete data detail of the links, anchor texts and the domains that have been linking to the website.

Many people who have been in this industry from a longer period of time use this tool and find it much convenient as well, but in case if someone is a newbie in this field may also enjoy using this tool as the user interface of this tool is much friendly and offers a perfect convenience even at the very first use.

Analyze Backlinks

Analyze Backlinks tool is the most convenient tool that comes up with numerous different features that help people conducting a check that is associated with different options. You may run the check that is associated with the filter of repeated domain links, anchor text and outbound links. You may carry out the kind of search you want every now and then and even a complete analysis at once as you want. This tool is simpler as compared to other tools and offers a clear picture to the people using and this is an add on for all those who are new to the backlink checking.

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is a tool that sounds more like an SEO kind of associated but in reality is a famous tool that helps checking backlinks in a way that has attracted about 10,000 users. This tool is very famous in the terms of use and is also easier and reliable. It offers a fresh search everyday for the links so that people using it may have a complete insight to all the links and at the same time a complete report is being provided highlighting every single thing that has been identified by the tool in the context of backlinks. There are many value adding features even that are offered to the people using this tool and offer an advantage that is beneficial for the website owners to make their website a fruitful one in the rankings of Google.

Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer tool is among those backlinks checker tools that are not new to the world of blogging and have been used from the past several years. This tool is an all time favorite one as its features are remarkable. the very first thing is that it offers you to enjoy backlink checking that is free of cost if you make only three searches per day, however, there is also a paid option that allows you to make unlimited searches in a day for the checking of backlinks. Moreover, the paid version also has many features which are beneficial if you opt for and provide you a complete analysis with a complete comparison between the site you own and the site being owned by your competitors. A complete detailed report is what that is being offered by this tool if you select the premium version which is paid one.


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