5 Powerful Steps For Increasing The Blog Traffic

Whenever someone starts a blog, or create a blog, then he has a question in his mind as how to increase the traffic of the blog, because you can start earning, just after the increase in the traffic. One thing should be kept in mind, there is not any way, that can help you to increase the traffic of your blog overnight. but if are interested to increase the traffic of your blog overnight, then you can increase the traffic with the help of PAID ADVERTISEMENT. but in this article, i will tell you, how can you increase the traffic of your blog, without spending any money.

SEO is the best, and free way of increasing the traffic of your blog. if your blog has a good ranking on search engine, then definitely your blog will have good traffic.

1. Content is King

You have read this many times that because of SEO, the traffic of a website increases. but in SEO, the importance is given to ON-PAGE. in on-page your article has the greatest importance, that the article, which you have written, should be unique and people should not get bore while reading the article. you have seen many blogs and websites, whose traffic is in millions, but their back links are only in few thousands. but what is the reason, that their traffic is so much?the reason is that the articles that are available on their websites are unique and something is taught and delivered through these articles.

A good article consists of 700-1500 words, normally. if you write a very long article, it would be very difficult for the user to understand. also it would be very difficult for you to write. so whichever article you write, you should write it to the point, and something must be taught through it.

2. Content Promotion

When you have written a good article, the next step is to promote it. it is so, because of promotion, your BACK LINK as well as your SEARCH ENGINE RANKING will be increased. if your ranking is increased, then, definitely your traffic will also increase. approximately 80% users visit sites through search engine.

There are many ways of promoting the article.

  • By sharing the article on social network websites.
  • By using e-mail marketing.
  • By giving comments on the blogs of other people.
  • By forum posting.

NOTE: remember that at wherever are you promoting your article, the topic of your site should be similar to that site.

3. Internal Linking

Whenever you write any post, this thing should be kept in mind, that you should link a post, which can be beneficial for the visitors or readers, in your blog. by this way, the ranking as well as the traffic of your blog will increase.

4. Guest Posting

You can also increase the ranking and traffic of your blog by guest posting. but it should be remembered that the site at which you are posting should be relevant and of high quality.

5. Video Sharing

By creating any video of 3-5 minutes, you can increase the traffic of your site. nowadays, people are getting more traffic from video sharing websites than social media websites. listed below are some of the sites, on which you can increase the traffic by sharing your videos.

  1. Youtube
  2. DailyMotion
  3. Vimeo 

NOTE: Video Should be Of Your Own, It Should Not Be Copyright.

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