5 On-Page SEO Techniques

For running any website or blog you have to be familiar of the techniques of SEO. Without the SEO, you cannot get good traffic. With the SEO the ranking of your site gets better in the google and also in the other sites. there are many techniques of SEO by which you can get good traffic.

I will tell you today some factors of on-page SEO.

Page title

Page title is an important factor of SEO. You must a unique title of your all pages. With the page title a user gets an idea about the nature of the page. Page title is seen in the search result at the very top. Try to use keywords in the page title. If you are making a page of book selling then you should use the word book selling in it. Page title should not be too long. It should be short and unique.

Meta description

Meta description comes under the page title and it is a very short description of page. Never forget to display meta description. In the meta description also add the keywords related to the content. meta description should be related to your page. meta description should be of 150-160 characters.

Better URL structure

For improving on-page SEO you should make the structure of URL such that it should be easily comprehensible to the user. URL should be related to the page title. Ignore the URL at the short. URL should be such that the targeted keywords should be added init.

Use of heading tags

If you are writing any paragraph or an article then never forget to use the heading tags ( H1, H2, H3 and H4). H1 tag is mostly used for the heading. If a keyword is being used in your article then bold it.


Internal linking

You must think of the internal linking side by side taking care of your website. Internal linking is very much useful for the SEO of any site. If you are publishing an article, then under that article you should give the related link of that article. Giving link of other pages on a page is termed as internal linking. You can give the link of some other article at the middle of your article also.

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