5 Most Popular Ways To Get Quality Backlinks

Before making backlinsk, you should know few things. Nowadays making backlinks for a website is not a hard task. On internet, there are many paid services, by which you can get as many backlinks as you can. But these backlinks will harm you more instead of giving any benefit. After the update of the latest google algorithm, now for improving the ranking of website, quality of backlinks is required not the quantity.

While making backlinks, take care of this thing in your mind, that you are making backlinks for the user not for the search engine. Make backlinks on the relevant websites only. If you have a website of sports, then you should make backlinks on the relevant sport websites.

1.Directories Submission.

By doing directories submission you can also make backlinks. You can get many lists of directories submission sites, by which you can make quality backlinks.

PR7 Directory submission site list.
PR6 Directory submission site list.

2.Social Bookmarking.

Social bookmarking is a very popular way for making backlinks nowadays. Many webmasters use only social bookmarking to use backliks. By doing social bookmarking, you can not only make backlinks but you can also increase the traffic of your website.

100 high page rank social bookmarking sites list.

3.Social Networking.

By social networking , you can also make backlinks. If you search on search engine, you will get many social networking sites, on which you can make quality backlinks. Nowadays everyone use some social networking site. By social networking , you can deliver your content to the people.

Top 5 social networking websites are given below.

4.Blog Commenting.

The easiest way of making blogs is blog commenting. With the help of blog commenting, by using any keyword, you can make backlinks. By using this keyword in anchor text, you can improve the ranking of this keyword.

The correct way of blog commenting.

5.Video Sharing.

Nowadays video sharing is a very popular way of making backlinks. There are many video sharing websites. By sharing your videos on these sites, you can make backlinks. You can also get the traffic side by side getting the backlinks. While sharing the video, make it sure that your video is not copyright.
Top 5 video sharing websites.

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