5 Mistakes That are Committed by 80% Users While Making Backlinks

Whenever you develop a website, then it is your desire that more and more traffic should come. For this, it is necessary that your website should be search engine friendly. By using the technique of SEO, you optimize your website.

There are 2 main categories of SEO, On page and Off page. In this article I will talk about off page, in which you make backlinks of your site. Making backlinks is not a difficult thing now. There are many ways, by which you can make thousand backlinks.

5 easy ways for making backlinks.

But in this article, I will tell you about the mistakes which are committed by all the users while making backlinks. Because of these mistakes, your website doesn’t get good ranking, in spite of having the backlinks.

How you can get google first page ranking?

Making backlinks for search engine, not for user.

As I have already told, that it is not a difficult task to create backlinks. But for making quality backlinks, you should have to keep these things in your minds. Whenever you make backlinks, take it sure that you are making this backlink for user not for the search engine. Your backlink should be meaningful.

Backlinks on irrelevant websites.

Many people want to get just the backlinks. They don’t care about it that the website on which they are making the backlinks, is relevant to their own websites or not. As many people make entertainment backlinks on educational websites. Because of this irrelevancy the ranking of their website drops instead of increasing. So take care of this thing that you should make backlinks on the relevant sites only.

Keyword Duplication.

Many user keep on making backlinks by using a single keyword. They think that if they will have more backlinks on these keywords, then their ranking on these keywords would be better. This method is totally wrong. Because for giving the ranking, google focuses on the quality of backlinks instead of the quantity of the backlinks.

All Backlinks on Your Main URL.

This is also a mistake, which almost all commit. Many users keep on making backlinks on main URL. Your website doesn’t have main page, but a website has many pages, posts and categories. You should make backlinks on these URL’s.

Making More and More Backlinks in a Day.

In this age, everyone wants to get rich in an overnight. And whoever comes in the website business, he also wants to earn in an overnight. For it, he keeps on making more and more backlinks for his website. As a result of making many backlinks his website gets personalized.
Make 10-20 backlinks in a day. And if possible, make backlinks after a gap of 1 or 2 days. By this the ranking of your website will increase and it will not get personalized.

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