5 Broken Link Checkers You Must Use

Creating a website requires a lot of effort from your end and when you move forward in this league with the passage of time your blogs come up with new and different contents associated with different links. When the huge collection of these links combine in your website, you are unable to keep an eye on everything and in this you might miss a number of links on your blog that turn dead or broken with the passage of time. In this case checking every single link is definitely never a possibility and all you need to do is to make the use of the checkers that offer you a complete insight of all the broken links so that you may mend them.

The importance of keeping your blogs and website free from broken links is important to help you stand still in your rankings. For instance, if someone visits your blog and in the end they get a broken link in front of them, they will never come back to your website and this will result in losing your visitors every hour. When you lose your visitors you definitely lose your rankings that have been attained after a lot of hard work.

Below we have suggested you a complete list that comprises of five most important link checkers that you must have for your website.

5 Broken Link Checkers You Must Use

  • Free Link Checker

Free Links Checker is the most highly ranked tool that helps people check their broken links for the websites; this tool offers people to keep an eye on both the internal as well as external links that have been associated with your website. This tool offers to be a free resource that completely checks all the links of your website and all you need is to just put the URL of the website in the search box and you will get a complete report of all the links be the dead ones or the working ones. This tool also features your image links so that you may maintain your website up to the mark always. This tool tends to ensure the effectiveness of your website and the links associated with your website.

Broken Link Checker is also a tool that helps you check all the broken links on your website, the tool itself is very fast as compared to the other link checkers. This tool is definitely the one that you must always use so that mending the broken links does not turn out to be a hassle for you. The most important thing is the user-friendliness that it offers, you simply need to pay a visit to the website and just enter the link of your website in the search box prompting below the description and you will have a complete report of the links that are broken on your website. The importance of keeping a check on the broken link is important as these broken links are found to be hesitant and turnoff by the visitors coming over your website.

W3C Link Checker is a premium kind of checker that identifies all the links on your website that are broken and other than this it also identifies and reports all the issues being encountered by it during the check. By way of using this tool you may have a complete idea of all the problems that come across the checker while scanning your website and it offers you to select the different options out of it that you wish to have a report on. As far as the usage is concerned the tool simply needs you to enter the URL of the website and check the options provided below that may help you analyze what you actually need to have in your report. This tool is an ideal choice as it offers extensive research throughout your website and helps making your relevant improvement.

Link Tiger is a perfect tool that must be used when it comes to checking the broken Link Tigerlinks. You may make a check of about one hundred links in a week free of cost however, for further checking you need to make payments. The best part of using this tool is that it runs an automatic scan on your website and as soon as it comes across a broken link an email is being sent to you so that you may immediately fix it before your visitors come across the broken link. This tool simply requires you to have a tiger search by placing the URL link of your website in the box given on the website and you may have a complete report timely. You may also print the report or share it anywhere on the internet with your team members without a hassle.

Dead Link Checker is also a widely used tool for the purpose of identifying all the broken links that have been appearing on your website and damaging the reputation of your blog. This tool is first of all free of cost so the hassle of spending money unnecessarily eliminates and the other part is the user-friendliness offered by it. It is simple to use and gives you a complete report of all the broken links along with the errors associated and allows you to make comparison and checking of your competitors website as well.

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