5 Best WordPress Hosting Companies

Nowadays it is not easy to create a WordPress site. When you will not have skills then it is very difficult task for you. In WordPress sites you have to take care of lot many things.

In WordPress there are many technical sites which you cannot understand. Many websites are hacked daily that have security problems. So you have to think of the security of your website. Sometime there come such errors in WordPress because of which your sites get slowed. There are many hosting of WordPress which provide you security side by side the hosting.

Vip wordpress

This is totally different from normal WordPress. It is for a very high ranked website. Its rate start from 5000$ per month. It is for those sites whose traffic is in millions.


  1. Enhance security system
  2. Hourly backup



It is a managed WordPress hosting that is providing the service since 2006. It provides very quality service for satisfying its customers.


  1. Automatic update
  2. Powered by amazon

Press able

It is a very big reliable WordPress hosting. It provides very good service to its customer. It secures your website 100%. It never allows your website to get slowed.


  1. Free CDN
  2. SFTP access

Fly wheel

it is also a WordPress hosting. It is providing the service since 2012. If you are wordpress developer then this hosting is the best for you. It provides you the service within the 15$ per month.


  1. Hicker free security
  2. Fast speed

Blue host

It is very big and reliable hosting. It is affordable as every man can easily afford it. It gives the service for 12$ per month including 30GB storage and 2GB ram.


  1. Easy to manage site panel
  2. 24/7 support

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