12 Ways To Make Money With Your Website

It is the dream of everyone to earn by the internet. But you must have a strong source for earning the money by internet. Website is a good platform by which you can earn a lot. Most of the people don’t have any idea of earning by website and they remain unsuccessful in earning. Earning through website is not a difficult task. If you try a little then you can easily earn. Today I will tell you some tips by which you can make good earning by websites.

12 Ways To Make Money With Your Website

  1. You can earn by PPC from the websites. They provide ads for your websites. You have accept the terms and conditions of the company for displaying the ads. This networks pay you as per the rate of every click. The rate of every click can be less and more.
  2. You can also earn by the websites by CPM ad network. This network pays you according to the number of impressions. After every 1000 impressions it pays you a fixed amount. You should display the ads at such places where you can get good CPC rate.
  3. You can earn also by selling the direct banner sale. You can display the banner of any website on your website. For direct banner sale you need not to work under any company. In direct banner sale you can fix the rate as per your choice.
  4. If you have site of tips or text. Then you can display the text images. With the help of text ad, the link of any ad can be shown. And when user clicks on it the ad gets opened.
  5. If the traffic of your website is good then you can also earn by affiliate marketing. You can get the commission by sailing the product of any company by affiliate marketing. This company gives you commission on every sale. The more you will sell the more you will get the commission.
  6. There are many websites which give you job ads. Job ads are searched a lot and these sites receive many clicks.
  7. You can also earn by displaying the surveyors and pole offers. If the traffic of your website is good then you can complete more surveyors,
  8. You can also give your page of website on the rent. In it some other ad will be shown on your site.
  9. There are many foundations who need donations. You can also earn by denoting for them the button of donations.
  10. You can also earn by displaying the pop-up ads. It is such kind of ad which appears on the website soon after it is opened. Users see these ads very easily.
  11. Many companies provide you audio ads. As soon as you open the website an audio recording starts playing.
  12. You can also earn by selling the E-books. You can give the ad of e-book on the side banner of website. You get commission on every book when it is saled.


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