10 High Paying Alternatives for Google Adsense in 2015

Earning via website and the ads is a traditional technique which has now been flourishing leaps and bounds and jumping in this pool of financial attractions is the dream of every individual. However, the moment we think of the task of monetizing the website by way of ads the very first name that clicks our minds is the Google Adsense. Well, Google Adsense is definitely the most ideal program that may make you earn like anything but at the same time getting yourself an approval for the plan and meet the strict requirements of the Google Adsense is not an easy job. In this case, you may consider numerous reliable alternatives a few of which are provided below:

10 High Paying Alternatives for Google Adsense

Affiliate Marketing Program

The best utilization of the website in terms of earning money may be carried through the affiliate marketing. By way of affiliate marketing you earn a commission basis by way of advertising the products of a vendor and this is a great job that may help you earn without getting into the hassle of the Google Adsense.

Direct Advertising Technique

Direct Advertising is also a well known technique which has been used widely to help people earn. Here in this case you are in direct contact with the business concern and you are on the verge of advertising their products on your website without giving away part of your earning to the Google Adsense account or the BuySellAds.  In this case, you are free from all kinds of restrictions in terms of ad placement and functioning.

Direct Advertising Technique


BuySellAds is also a well known program that allows you to earn effectively over the internet. While using this program, you are actually providing a space to the different advertisers to advertise their ads on your website and in return you enjoy an attractive chunk of income.


Media.Net has been a famously trending advertisement platform these days that has been working like Google Adsense and has been a great alternative for people who wishes to earn. This platform allows you show the advertisements that are in some or the other way related to a blog and its content and for this you have a dedicated team of managers who prize you an opportunity to customize the ad layouts.


RevenueHits as the name suggests is also an interesting and attractive package that helps making money in a great way. By way of using this program people have changed their statuses overnight and it allows the advertisers and publishers to enjoy the self-service of the placements of different ads. Moreover, it also sells a huge traffic to the advertisers as a part of income generating strategy.


Infolinks has also been a great network which has been used widely throughout the world by the people seeking an income generating strategy online. This platform helps people to enjoy the placement of the text oriented ads and the entire liberty to manage and organize the ads lies in the hands of you without considering any strict hassle as associated with the Google Adsense.


Qadabra is also considered to be a profound alternative of Google Adsense and has been working very well in order to help people to earn. This program works in a different way and uses the mechanism of making the most of the task of making people use ad tags and the Qadabra analyzes the best place you may get for the purpose of ad display to help you earn the best rates.Earn money using Qadabra


Chitika is a similar version of Google Adsense and works exactly like Google Adsense. This allows you to earn money by way of considering the queries of the search engines and in return you may generate a lot of money. The process of getting registered with the Chitika is also an easier job and once done you may earn a lot.


Adversal is also a perfect alternative which has been used widely instead of the Google Adsense, this platform allows you to start earning within the three to four days and the process of registration is very quick and simpler one. By way of using Adversal you earn with the banner advertisements and pop-up advertisements.


VigLink is an extended version of the affiliate marketing and helps you earn a commission basis. This program helps converting the outgoing links into the affiliate links and if the link is being used for the purchase you are provided with a commission.


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