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Essential Considerations for Writing SEO Friendly Content

When it comes to making the website and writing  content over it, the consideration of it being SEO friendly is crucial matter, unless your website is not SEO friendly no traffic will be crawling towards it and neither you will be able to make your page apparent on the search engine. Well, in this case you may always make the content of your website a key to success. The content when created keeping in mind the SEO friendliness may lead to the website being a successful one and equipped with a lot of traffic and higher rankings.

Below we have suggested a few tips which may prove being beneficial for the website owners.

Keywords must be Researched

Keywords must be Researched

Make sure you do a little research on the keywords you are adding in your content. Not all the keywords have the capability to rank pages and make them listed in the search results, therefore using tools like Google adwords and others you may identify the relevant keyword based on its research frequency and competition. This will help you making your content capable of being focused on the search engines.

Balance of Keyword Placement

Balance of Keyword Placement

A number of people when come up with a keyword suggestion for their content usually end up stuffing it like anything. Instead you must analyze the density of the keyword according to the length of the article. It is always suggested to use synonyms as well for the keywords as stuffing may lead to being penalized by Google.

Length of the Content

Length of the Content

A number of people believe that if they end up writing a long content, generating more and more traffic with high page ranks will be easier. Well, it is the quality of the article that matters and not the quantity. If your article is 1000 words long and has nothing fruitful for the readers why would even people read it? Instead people will prefer going through the content which has all the desired matters and is just 500 words in length. So, make sure if you write a longer one it has a quality which must justify the readability or else complete your purpose in a short content.

Divide Content


Rather than just writing huge paragraphs on the article make sure you divide it in different parts. The article must have sub-heading or bullets as this breakage makes the article concise, attractive and easy on the eyes. If you just stuff your article with words and huge paragraphs the first sight of the article will make people run away. Instead make sure you make it appealing with catchy headings.

On Page Techniques of SEO

On Page Techniques of SEO

Make sure you consider all the On Page SEO techniques when it comes to making your page rank ideally, use the keyword in to your content in a balanced way and consider it in the title as well as meta description to make it appear in the search results in a genuine way.

These techniques if implemented in a perfect way you may make your content and website ranked higher and also the search results may appear being outclass in the search engines so that traffic moves towards your page.

About sarah mubin

I am working as a freelance content writer from past two years and have taken up various projects over varying niche. My skills and expertise include writing web contents for numerous businesses, writing articles, blogs, product descriptions, guests’ posts and I have been offering article rewriting services as well. My aim is to offer my clients with the top notch quality of content which attracts the readers and is free from plagiarism as well. My past projects include write-ups over technology, health and beauty, service industry, different product reviews and much more. Moreover, being an ACCA affiliate by qualification, I have also been providing content based on accounting, auditing and taxation subjects.