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How i can remove application from Apps list on Android Developer Console ?

remove application from Apps list on Android Developer Console

Today i am going to show you, how you can removed/unpublished android application from Android Developer Console?, Once your App is live on Google Play store than, it is not possible to completely delete app from Android Developer Console. However, you still have an option to unpublished your App. To Unpublished your App follow these steps. 1. Go to ...

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How I get query string values in JavaScript?

javascript solutions

Today i am going to show you, how you can get string values by using JavaScript ?. Yes you can do it by using pure JavaScript, you do not need any JavaScript Plugin or library for this task. JavaScript have some build-in method for getting query string values. Here is the code of JavaScript by following this you can easily ...

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How to “Checked” a checkbox by using jQuery?

javascript solutions

The problem is many beginner programmer have a question and i saw same question on various forum that how to checked a checkbox by using jQuery ? either single checkbox or multiple, so here i am going to solved the problem. If you are using jQuery version 1.6 and onward then .prop() method is the best option for you, more ...

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How to Check if Checkbox is Checked or not in jQuery

javascript solutions

This tutorial show you how to check, Is checkbox either checked or not in jQuery?. To check checkbox is checked or not is very simple task, after searching on the internet i am going to discuss the easiest and authentic solution of it. Here i describe three solutions, its depend on you which you follow or your which jQuery version ...

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Which is the best way to use value for loading JavaScript link “#” or javascript:void(0)”?

javascript solutions

Going to discuss which href value is best for load JavaScript function “#” or  javascript:void(0)”?. Here there are two methods available which you can use when user click on the link the JavaScript function execute. 1. Load JavaScript function by using “#” in href value. <a href=”#” onclick=”yourJsFnc();”>Execute JavaScript Code</a> 2. Load JavaScript function by using “javascript:void(0)” in href value. ...

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How you can include a JavaScript file to another JavaScript

javascript solutions

Many programmers have queries that how they can include a JavaScript file to another JavaScript, Is there any way to achieve ? The answers is JavaScript does not support methods include, import, required like other programming languages supports. But there are some other ways available in JavaScript to import/include JavaScript file in another JavaScript file. 1. Loading JavaScript file using ...

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